Today’s the Day…for anyone feeling a little blue (and I don’t mean a smurf)

Today’s the Day

Don’t listen to the voices as they try to plague your mind,

Listen to the ones instead that break the ties that bind.

The ones that say “you’ll make it, don’t despair and don’t back down”,

They’re the ones to force a smile out on the face that holds a frown.

Your mind, it is an awesome thing,

A power without measure,

But it needs a steer, a kick of sorts,

To bring it any pleasure.

Today you’re going to take the lead,

You’re going to be the boss.

You’re about to fill your head with good,

And chuck out all the dross.

Look into the mirror and examine what you see,

Maybe jobless, maybe rich, it’s all the same to me,

Everyone has something that’s different to the rest,

Its up to you to dig inside and yank out what is best.

Yes life can be shit, a bit too much

and some have more than many,

But count the days both bad and good

and soon you’ll see a thread.

It was always there, just out of sight

Like odd socks beneath the bed.

Just like the dark days crept in and built up over time,

The brightness will consume you and infiltrate your mind.

Sit back and enjoy it, don’t analyse at all,

But wonder how you’ll sleep at night, when life is such a ball!



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