Seems apt today…

Summers in Dublin


Let me tell you about summer in Dublin

When the Liffey nearly broke through its banks

And the young ones like smurfs, cos they’re blue with the cold

They’ll turn to ice before they ever get old


Well the rain pelted down like a monsoon

And the rich buggered off over to Spain

And the blokes in the council just sat on their holes

While the leaves and water filled up all the drains


Then the shite weather kept up into June

And the forecasters were feeling quite sick

They said break out the Barbie cos here comes the sun

Then it would piss down and we’d say they were thick


Well the temperature dropped down in July

And the gale force winds would take out your eye

And the yanks on the street told us how to get rich

By swopping rainwater for oil in Dubai



Dublin airport was riddled with students

Coming over here to learn how to speak

Then they’d phone up their Ma’s saying please get me out

Cos I’ll be drowned if I stay the whole week


So we crossed our fingers looking to August

And shoved the child de Prague beneath the oul hedge

We climbed up onto the roof and prayed to God up above

Saying give us sun before we jump off the edge


Well the Summer finally showed in September

For an hour at a quarter to three

And the pricks in the dail got ready for slaughter

Cos they’d the neck to say they’d charge us for water


So we’re all shagging off somewhere sunny

Whoever’s last can turn off all the lights

Its not lack of jobs that’s making us go

But cos the weather’s unbelievably shite

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