Lick the Gob

Lick the Gob
(Dedicated to a great guy, gone ahead up the road)

Lick the Gob was a kind old skin
His thoughts were all for others
A lifetime lived in those oul shoes
Bending, breaking all the rules.
He had a healthy ticker
But sure his liver was in shite
From drinking half of Jame’s Gate
As a young lad every night.
What he couldn’t drink
He set alight and inhaled in one big breath
Then coughed and choked, his battered lungs
But he never lost that quick sharp tongue.
Lick the Gob lived a life and four
His stories they were legend
With his hard boiled sweets
No sign of a wrapper
Trilby hat on his head,
Looking mighty dapper

He didn’t need big pockets
Just a smile and time for a chat
You see, money was never at his core
He understood that life meant more.
Now he’ll rise up tonight and haunt me
If I suggest he was a saint
‘cos he pulled some stunts throughout the years
That more than prove he ain’t.
Lick the Gob was a decent sort
Whose time on earth was way too short.
A humble man and friend to many
He’d offer his last if you hadn’t any.
If you hear guitar when in your bed
He sent it to you, to soothe your head
He’s gone upstairs to start the session
Having scored an “A” in the human life lesson.

© Sinead Hamill

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