Down Days

Down days

Do you ever wonder what it’s all for,
Or even question why you’re here?
The days your mind is tortured
The path before you so unclear.
Good luck a foreign concept
Like swallows flying straight in May,
No-one answers on the telephone
The nights you fail to see the way.
Your dreams around you shattered
Torn apart by those less kind
You wonder if it matters
As you slowly lose your mind.

On those down days fight the demons
Point to the door and tell them go
They might destroy you if you let them
You’ve got the strength to tell them no!

And what about tomorrow
When clouds have lifted and there’s sun
Will you wake up feeling sad and lost?
Or will you take the chance and run
Don’t look around for validation
All you need is deep inside
You’re a miracle of wonder
So throw those curtains open wide.
Rid yourself of poison people
The faceless friends behind a screen
Whose eyes avoid you when you need them
When you’re so sad you want to scream
Your best friend is in the mirror
Longing just to reconnect
You’ve known each other for a long time
So show each other some respect

© Sinead Hamill

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