Quintessential happiness is all I ask for me
This is how I find it, with steps from one to three.
Hook your cheeks behind your ears, don’t make life a trial,
Turn those lips skyward and smile!
Smile and life is good
Smile, let go dead wood
Smile, make it your mark,
Smile, release your spark
Pick up and old diary to see how far you’ve come
Chat to random strangers if they’re looking glum
Forget about recording stuff, life is there, go live it
Take a hug from anyone and smile!
Little robins in the trees, the leaves that rustle in the breeze
Coloured seashells on the shore, twisting seabirds dive once more
Sunlight shining through the mist, the feeling of a special kiss
Think of all the good things and smile!
Smile, laugh, love, hug
Make utter joy your only drug
The sad mouth turned upside down
Pretty soon forgets to frown
Try it out, see if I’m right
Soon bad moods are out of sight
You’ve only got one life to live so Smile!

© Sinead Hamill

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