Dedicated to all those who died or were injured in the balcony tragedy in California.

The light of life blacked out too early
Loved by all they’ve ever known
No fault of theirs despite what some said
Young minds gone before they’d grown

Six were lost and others altered
Things will never be the same
Families tortured while they drown in tears
Their children not the ones to blame

They went to Berkeley Californ..I.A
They were supposed to love their stay
It ended as a tragic nightmare
It wasn’t meant to be this way

They took their first steps into adulthood
Branching out they travelled far
Some friends they had are gone forever
Others living with the scars

Just twenty one, the years before them
World at their feet, they had it all
They travelled over full of hopes and dreams
All that shattered by the fall.

© Sinead Hamill

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