Goodbye for Now

Goodbye for Now

The trouble with existing
Is that you have to say goodbye
You take your path, I took mine
Now it’s no longer you and I.
We had our fun along the way
Till death held up my number
Think of me just lying down
In an everlasting slumber.
Memories will come and go
As life continues on
I’ll wait for you on up the road
Until your day is done.
Even though I’ve said goodbye
Doesn’t mean I love you less
And your loving me just showed me
What life is at its best.
Imagine that I’m with you now
My arms around you tight
When you close your eyes and dream of me
We’ll be together every night
So goodbye for now, we’ll meet again
I can’t say where or even when
But I love you now and know I’ll love you then.

© Sinead Hamill

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1 Response to Goodbye for Now

  1. julieanneodonovan says:

    Sinead that’s just gorgeous. Weeping. XXXX


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