The Boat Trip

I am appalled by the migrant crisis and wrote this in honour of those who have died trying to find a better life for their families.

The Boat Trip

I’d like a boat trip with my daddy
Where we laugh and fish and play
Not this one so full of horror
Where hundreds die along the way

Look in the eyes of little children
Tossed in terror on the waves
Parents nothing left to offer them
Their only hope now to be brave

No new lands for them to settle
Time no longer on their side
At the mercy of the high seas
Nowhere left for them to hide

We’re all human don’t forget this
But for luck, you could be them
The world is vast, why not make some room
In desperate times, one needs a friend

This is the last trip with my daddy
As now we slip beneath the waves
We didn’t make it to a new life
Don’t turn away the ones you save

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